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Spring Registrations!!

Click the Image to take you to the registration page!

Registrations close March 12th, Player Evaluation to take place in Mid March.  

Practices begin as we can can get on the Clay.

 Opening Day is slated for Saturday 4-27-24. Season will run till late June. 

Burrillville Girls Softball Association

BGSA was founded to provide the girls of Burrillville and our neighboring communities the opportunity to learn the game of Fast Pitch Softball, Where it is all about the girls! We also welcome players from our neighboring towns to join us as well.  Our Volunteer origination is committed to providing all our players a experience that will foster positive self-esteem, individual growth and team spirit through team play.   We also offer affordable tournament travel softball for our players families. 

Tournament Softball

RI Raptors Tournament Softball

We are a Travel Tournament Softball Organization dedicated to bettering the lives of the young ladies who dawn our jersey. Teaching the fundamentals of the great game of softball is one of our priorities but second to teaching our players about hard work and accountability.


League Apparel


BGSA League Merchandise

One Stop Shopping for Tee Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hat, we even have Softball gear bag!

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are currently looking for sponsors at all levels for Spring/Summer 2024

Email us at for more information.


Burrillville/North Smithfield High School Softball Schedule

2024 Age Chart

First spring game back during the Pandemic.

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N.E. Disaster Restoration provides services throughout RI, southern MA and Eastern CT.
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BGSA Board

Burrillville Girls Softball

Phone: 401-480-1242

How to pick the right size Bat for your player

Picking the Right Bat..

Although there are many different ways to measure yourself for the perfect bat length, the perfect solution is picking it up and swinging it.  Finding a good starting point can be pulled from Charts and Knowledge of coaches and parents, but swinging the bat itself will always get you where you need to be without headache.  Oh, and don't forget... Thats the fun part!  If you are new to baseball, or just want to get a good starting point on where you should be, follow the steps below: 

1.  Weigh and Measure yourself!  This may require some help from a friend of family member.

This measurement will tell you where to look on the chart below: 


Once you've picked the proper bat size to use by calculating all the measurements and weights from the chart above, there's some additional methods to figure whether or not a bat will work for you. 


2.  Set the bat next to you with the end cap placed on the ground.  Reach down and as long as your palm reaches the handle you should be okay on length. 

3.  Tuck the Knob into your chest (middle of) and reach out with your arm, if you can grab the barrel the length should be appropriate. 



1.  Put the child into their cleats (they'll be in these in a game) and measure his/her height. 

2.  Set the bats end cap flat onto the ground, and have him/her stand next to it.  If the bat knob surpasses his/her hip it may be to long for the child. 

3.  Weigh your child; the chart above uses height and weight to give a good starting point for the appropriate bat sizing.  

  • Generally a child weighing under 60 lbs will swing a bat between 26 and 29 inches in length. 
  • If him/her is over 70 lbs, usually the child is able to swing a 28 to 32 inch bat. 

*Please remember these are just guidelines and are not perfect.  Best way to size a child is to have them swing friends bats and find one that is comfortable to them.